- 2 color options.
- Total 18 animations
- 4096x4096 .tga diffues, specular and normal map textures.
- Triangles count: 8698
- Formats included: b3d (Blitz3D), blend (Blender3D), dbo (DarkBasic), dae (OpenCollada), fbx (animation: all-in-one and split are both included), max (3ds Max 2012),ms3d (Milkshape3D), unitypackage(5.x), x (DirectX), mdl (3dGameStudio), smd (Source), ugh (fragMotion)
- Animations: bite left, bite right, bite center, breath fire, breath fire with longer charge time, breat fire get hit 1, breat fire get hit 2, charge and shoot, death, hit 1, hit 2, idle, push back, rise - appear, roar, spit, stun, wipe.