- Total 12 animations with both in-place and rootmotion animations.
- 4096x4096 .tga diffues, specular and normal map textures.
- Triangles count: 12240
- Formats included: b3d (Blitz3D), blend (Blender3D), dbo (DarkBasic), dae (OpenCollada), fbx (animation: all-in-one and split are both included), max (3ds Max 2012),ms3d (Milkshape3D), unitypackage(5.x), x (DirectX), mdl (3dGameStudio), smd (Source), ugh (fragMotion)
- Animations: stand, idle (roar), attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, walk, run, walk root motion, run root motion, hit 1, hit 2, death