- The shaved part of the hair is 3d hair, the same technique of hair/fur shader is used but is done manually so it's shader free :D. Also we use 2 layers for her eyes, one for overlay reflection so the eyes look more beautiful and realistic :D (a closer look:
- 2 color options: green, black, 2 hair options.
- Total 23 animations (root motions included)
- 4096x4096 .tga textures (normal and spec maps included)
- Triangles count: 19772
- Formats included: b3d (Blitz3D), blend (Blender3D), dbo (DarkBasic), dae (OpenCollada), fbx (animation: all-in-one and split are both included), max (3ds Max 2012),ms3d (Milkshape3D), unitypackage(5.x), x (DirectX), iAvatar+iMotion+iMtl (iClone), mdl (3dGameStudio), smd (Source), ugh (fragMotion)
- Animations: ready, attack 1, attack 1 root motion, attack 2, attack 3, attack 4, attack 5, cast magic, death, hit 1, hit 2, stand, idle, run, run root motion, strafe left, strafe left rootmotion, strafe right, strafe right root motion, walk, walk root motion jump, jump root motion.