- Total 15 animations (root motions included)
- Dark and bright options.
- 4096x4096 .tga textures (normal and spec maps included)
- Triangles count: 23511
- Formats included: b3d (Blitz3D), blend (Blender3D), dbo (DarkBasic), dae (OpenCollada), fbx (animation: all-in-one and split are both included), max (3ds Max 2012),ms3d (Milkshape3D),unitypackage(5.x),x (DirectX), iAvatar+iMotion (iClone), mdl (3dGameStudio), smd (Source), ugh (fragMotion)
- Animations: attack 1, attack 2, attack 3, attack 4, death, hit 1, hit 2, idle, move forward, move foward root motion, stand, move left, move left root motion, move right, move right root motion.